Breakfast/ Lunch - $11/ person
Serving Thursday- Sunday Sept 10th-13th and Thursday Sept 17th
There is a $3 to go fee for any order


  • Fresh Fruit Plate
    Clam Chowder
  • Add ons:
    Baked French Onion Soup… $4.95
    Goat Cheese Salad… $5.95


  • French Dip with French fries
  • Add onions mushrooms, green peppers, and cheese $3.00
    Stuffed garlic portobello sandwich with French fries
    Stuffed Hash browns with toast
  • Add ons: add $4.00
    Stuffed French Toast with toast
    Au Gratin Scrambler with toast
    Walleye Sandwich with French fries




Replace French Fries for au gratin … $2.50

Add side of ham, sausage, or bacon to any order… $5.95

Replace Toast for English Muffin… $1.00


  • Mint ice cream with whipped cream and chocolate drizzled
    Chocolate chip cookie
    Strawberry shortcake
  • Add ons:
    Brandy Alexander $8.00
    Pink Squirrel $8.00

Dinner - $33/ person
There is a $3 fee for any to go orders


  • Bruschetta
    Crab Cake
    Clam Chowder
    Spinach Salad
  • Add ons:
    Baked French onion soup $4.95
    Goat cheese salad $5.95

Entrees - (Comes with Bread and Potato)

  • Beef wellington
    Chicken wellington
    Salmon wellington
    Pistachio encrusted Whitefish
    Ribeye Steak
    Stuffed Portobello mushroom plate


  • Banana cream pie
    Cherry Pie
    Flourless chocolate cake
  • Add ons:
    Brandy Alexander… $8.00
    Pink Squirrel… $8.00
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