Hot Bacon Dressing

Shipping Hot Bacon Dressing

We proudly ship our homemade Hot Bacon Dressing anywhere you desire!

Hot Bacon dressing:
8oz Regular $5.50 includes tax
8oz Cherry $6.00 includes tax
16oz Regular $10.00 includes tax 
16oz Cherry $11.00 includes tax 
 Plus an additional flat fee.

U.S. Post Office shipping charges for boxes at the following rates: 1-6 jars $18; 7-12 jars $24.

Our customers give us great feedback on the many different ways they like to use our dressings, including German potato salad, cheesy potato soup, glaze on chicken, dipping sauce and many more. We use our Hot Bacon Dressing in our spinach salad, but we’d love to hear how you use it!
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